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Jan 30, 2020

This episode begins with a recap of the amendments that were proposed during nearly 12 hours of arguments on the second day of the impeachment trial. The podcast covers the President's support for the rules in Senate Resolution 483 and the reasoning behind the opposition for these rules. SR483 was adopted with a 53-47 vote.


Pat Cipollone's Opening Statement

(5:02) Pat Cipollone offers support for the Senate Resolution

(6:07) Process of the impeachment trial explained

(6:46) The President has done absolutely nothing wrong


Adam Schiff's Argues Against Senate Resolution 483

(7:47) Adam Schiff states the opposition to the Senate Resolution

(8:25) The Articles of Impeachment in brief

(11:50) Is conduct impeachable or not impeachable?

(12:34) Most important decision is to a fair trial

(15:32) What does a fair trial look like?

(17:02) What is the harm in deciding after opening arguments?

(19:16) Republicans have the votes to pass the resolution?

(20:01) Sworn oath to do impartial justice

(21:37) Most Americans don't believe there will be a fair trial

(23:32) Biggest flaw of Senate Resolution 483

(24:50) President has attempted to conceal documents

(26:05) GAO determined hold to be illegal and other recent developments

(28:10) Document subpoena wouldn't burden administration

(29:08) Witnesses that should be heard

(31:49) A document that the President is hiding

(32:51) The President says he will fight all subpoenas

(35:04) Other records that are being concealed

(36:51) Why not go to court to enforce subpoenas?

(39:39) Senate has the power to hold the impeachment trial

(42:03) Process of the prior Senate impeachment proceedings

(44:53) Senate rules talk about hearing testimony

(47:10) Differences from the impeachment trial for the Clinton trial

(50:10) Reasons for following the traditional model of an impeachment trial

(53:02) Adam Schiff's concluding statement


Jay Sekulow

(55:01) Jay Sekulow responds to Adam Schiff

(56:03) Trifecta of rights the President that were denied in the House

(58:44) Questions of Executive Privilege

(1:02:43) Importance of Judicial Review of Constitutional Issues

(1:04:31) Support for Sen Res 483


Pat Cipollone

(1:05:30) Pat Cipollone responds to Adam Schiff regarding transparency

(1:07:23) President Trump hasn't received due process

(1:09:49) President has Constitutional right to protect the Executive Branch

(1:11:02) Charlie Kupperman's legal case for subpoena

(1:14:27) Requesting documents from Adam Schiff

(1:15:11) Claim of overwhelming evidence

(1:16:15) Impact on upcoming election 

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